Video platform

With Freecaster’s Online Video Platform (OVP) and services, create your video portal (VOD, Replay, PayTV and more), manage and distribute your content, monitor and analyze your audience and create user friendly online portals.

Smart content management

With its cloud-based interface, Freecaster’s OVP is accessible from any screen. Your team can start to use the solution immediately thanks to a simplified graphic user interface (GUI). The Content Management Solution (CMS) allows the management of multiple screens, live and non-live content, on one or multiple portals.

Worldwide distribution (including China)

Thanks to an extended content delivery network (CDN) with multiple partners worldwide, Freecaster ensures the immediate availability of your videos on a global scale, including China. You can select easily the countries you wish to cover or not, thanks to the Geo-blocking feature.

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Social network

To enhance your content diffusion, your videos can be shared and integrated on the most popular social network (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram). Freecaster’s OVP will give you detailed overview and analytics of your social network video activity.

Real time monitoring

Ensuring the continuity of your operations increase your customer loyalty. To do so Freecaster’s OVP include a system which allow the monitoring in real-time of your platforms as well as your partners systems including channels, streams, servers and CDN.

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Analyze your audience

Freecaster’s OVP features a strong analytics system. Analyzing your audience quickly and efficiently is paramount for content selection, highlights and adverts integration. Thanks to real-time analytics, you can respond to events as they happen and therefore boost customer experience. The OVP will also deliver detailed reports, allowing predictive analytics for your next campaigns.

Payment solutions

Several payment solutions can be integrated directly to your portal. Our solution offers a range of payment options with pay-per-view (PPV) per event and PPV per events group. The payment modules include PayPal and all credit cards for maximum flexibility.

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Portal creation

Video streaming is all about the customer experience. Freecaster can create your portal GUI, customizing it both in terms of design and features, to give your video portal a unique look and feel.