Solutions for concerts

Let’s share your music at any time with Freecaster’s solution

Concerts, festivals or musical events are prepared with the greatest care to guarantee the best experience to the public during the event. Freecaster enables you to open this experience to a worldwide audience, thanks to its streaming capabilities. Freecaster supports you at every stage of your event: before, during and after your show.

Freecaster solution

Freecaster as a production partner

Freecaster will assist your team in the pre-concert logistics from stage set-up to the streaming platform configuration. A dedicated team will be on-site to meet your needs and will take care of all technical aspects encompassing video production.

Streaming platform and worldwide partners

With an advanced streaming platform including a powerful analytics tool, your company can monitor in real-time your presence around the world and measure your impact on your broadcast channels.

Integrating tools maximising the viewer experience

As part of our solution, the ultimate Live Streaming Player offers a variety of features, such as stage and viewing angle selection, program integration directly in the player or real-time rewind options.

Once your event is over

Freecaster’s cloud-based Online Video Platform (OVP) is able to host your videos and publish them onto your portal, to manage your live streams and replays, to monitor your libraries and increase your traffic through reporting.

24*7 technical support

Benefit from Freecaster expertise in setting up stages, lights, cameras, contribution paths (via terrestrial or satellite connectivity) as well as the streaming platform.

4K and HD streaming technology

Optimise the customer experience by offering them a stunning video quality on all platforms on any OS while ensuring a 100% secure system.

Keep full control over your content

Stream live video on your website, television or social networks without any restrictions and control where your video content is accessible.

Real-time user analysis

Measure and analyze your impact with advanced analysis system integrated into our solution. Track and optimize the performance of your online video streaming in real time.

Cloud-based Online Video Platform 

Freecaster has integrated a cloud-based backup system which is resilient, secure and accessible at all times to ensure no data loss.

Share your next concert to your audience via streaming

Freecaster solutions allow you to access a complete production and distribution environment, access a 4K or HD streaming platform and share your content with the world through high connectivity technology. In addition, Freecaster allows you to monetize your content through advertising and payment solutions.

Deliver reliable and high-quality live stream video to your viewers around the world. Our solution is key to engaged successfully with your audience.  They give you precise information about the preferences of your target audience and allow you to build a real community.