Live streaming

Live streaming massive events such as Tomorrowland and the fashion weeks, Freecaster has acquired a leading position on the market with a solid player, multiple features and global delivery.


Tailor-made video player

Linked to Freecaster’s content management system (CMS), the player can be fully customized both in terms of design and features, to give your live stream a unique and feature-rich look and feel. HTML 5 compliant, it can be integrated in any website but also on the most popular social networks platforms.

Pre-Live setup

In order to make sure that people know your event is coming up soon, Freecaster can insert countdowns, adverts and edit trailers which will appear in your player. These items can be geo-configured to meet your customers’ needs anywhere in the world.

Enrich the viewer experience

Anyone can join the stream, your viewers can select multiple languages directly in the video player as well as multiple viewing angles, thanks to the live selection of the cameras directly integrated in the player. Freecaster’s video player features also live rewind allowing your viewers to grasp every moment of your productions.

Immersive and engaging

To immerse your audience into the action, Freecaster’s player is compatible with 3D, VR and 360° content, but also SD, HD and 4K videos. To keep engaging your viewers, several options such as video libraries, video suggestions or other featured content are available directly in the player.


Ensure the continuity

To ensure video continuity, Freecaster has implemented an automatic quality switch for the bitrate, adapting to every TV, computer or tablet. Thanks to an extended CDN (Content Delivery Network) with key partners, the live stream is always available, even in case of massive audience peaks.

It is just the beginning

When your live stream is over, it can be immediately available for replay directly in the player or part of an online video platform (OVP) configured and designed by Freecaster. Several payment solutions can be integrated to your OVP or to your live stream with pay-per-view per event or by access.